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Companies where the IPO investment process is started and will be listed soon in the stock market for regular trading.

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Frequently Asked questions?

Find answers to common questions that come in your mind related to IPO.

IPO or the Initial Public Offering is the first time a company issues its shares to the public. As an investor, you will now be able to subscribe for such shares, which was earlier open to only a specific lot of internal and institutional investors via opening a Demat account.

Anyone who holds a Demat or trading account can make a subscription for the desired IPO directly online from the app or through the stockbroker with whom they have an account. An individual can subscribe under the category of retail investor or HNI category.

IPO is a golden opportunity for investors to hold shares of highly profitable firms and otherwise expensive stocks. They will be able to secure listing gains (buying less and selling high). It also assists in wealth accumulation and fulfilling long-term objectives, which can be tracked via the stock screener.

The volatility with the price might cause loss if not handled properly. Furthermore, certain IPOs might not be relevant for the long term, and failure to detect the same might be problematic. Hence, investors are advised to back their decision with relevant research and proper company analysis.

Fixed Price IssueBook Building Issue
Here the price is fixed before the offer, and the investors will have to make a payment at the time of subscription itself. In case of any refund, the same will be made during the allotment. Demand is also declared only after the closing of the IPO.Price is not fixed, and the payment will have to be made after allotment. Demand is announced daily.

Yes, Since the enactment of the 2006 SEBI act, PAN has been made mandatory for anyone looking to apply for an IPO. Failure to attach a PAN number will automatically make your application ineligible.

One can get the IPO application form from their respective stock broker’s office, banks, or any other financial institution for free. The list of institutions and banks providing the same is provided in the prospectus.

  • Step 1: Log in to your trading and Demat account.
  • Step 2: Select the company on which you want to bid.
  • Step 3: Key in details such as price, etc., and make the payment.
  • Step 1: Obtain the IPO form from the nearest bank or simply download the form from the NSE /BSE.
  • Step 2: Fill in the details and submit it with the cheque of the required amount.
  • Step 3: Acknowledgement and ASBA will have to be provided wherever needed.

Yes, the minor can apply for the IPO using the PAN of their guardians or their own PAN (if they have an independent income).

You can simply go to the order book and select withdraw. In case such an option is unavailable, contact your respective stock brokers. For withdrawal to be made before allotment when the subscription is closed, you will be required to contact the registrar via a letter asking for the cancellation of the subscription.

The return one might get totally relies on the demand, listing gains, and growth potential of the stock. Check out the Ticker stock screener for more details.

Yes, one can do so provided the amount bid for is available in the account.

The only threshold is that for application under the HNI category, the overall amount should exceed 2 lakh. However, there is no maximum limit as such.

One can apply only through one application in the IPO. However, you can apply multiple times through your family members’ Demat account as well.

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